Terms & Conditions

  1. 6abiby: Because Health Matters is a service to its customers, and by using the site you agree to all terms and conditions. Please review these Terms and Conditions and if you do not agree to use these Terms, you may not use the Site.

    1. Registration in my doctor means agreeing to all the terms and conditions stated here.

    2. The user is fully responsible for the account that I have created and for all the operations performed by him and for his responsibility for any content submitted by my doctor.

    3. 6abiby: Because Health Matters has the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice or notice, and the continuation of the user by using my doctor means agreeing to these conditions at all times.

    4 - These conditions apply to all applications of my doctor from the applications of telephone or website and other developments.

    5 - 6abiby: Because Health Matters is not responsible for what is sold or manufactured through the site, and its role is limited to provide search service and facilitate the purchase process for users.

    6. 6abiby: Because Health Matters will not be liable for any direct or indirect injury or injury caused by the consultations offered in any form.

    7. Buyers are responsible for verifying the information entered from the connection, telephone numbers, etc. and the resulting errors as a result of the Buyer's liability.

    8 - 6abiby: Because Health Matters will seek to solve any problems that the client is unreasonable but can not bear any errors resulting from it.

    9. The user is not entitled to cancel any consultation after implementation. He is entitled to cancel the date reservation for the laboratories and the radiation in a period not exceeding 5 minutes from the payment process, and the amount will be refunded less than 250 fils.

    10 - 6abiby: Because Health Matters has the right to cancel any consultation with the return of what was paid to the owner without giving reasons.

    11. The laboratory and the doctor may cancel your application even after receipt of the acceptance or approval letter, and the users will be notified.

    12. By using the Site you undertake to correct the data provided by you during registration and undertake not to impersonate any person or third party or use any name that you are not legally entitled to use. You also undertake to update your data as soon as it changes.

    13. Users and Subscribers are fully responsible for any transactions made through their accounts. While suspicion of any account being taken without their knowledge, we must be informed immediately.

    14. Site users may not use it in violation of state law including, but not limited to defaming, exposing, or abusing individuals, entities or religions. It may not be used to disable the operation of the site or the process of access and purchase of a user.

    15. Users (both employers and buyers) are obliged to provide all correct data and they alone bear losses as a result of any misinformation.

    16. 6abiby: Because Health Matters may cancel any membership without giving reasons.

    17. The member shall not disturb the staff of my doctor or other users, in addition to complying with the laws of the State in dealing with the site and its applications. And not to participate in any harmful operations falling under electronic or other piracy, causing losses to my patients or subscribers.

    18. 6abiby: Because Health Matters may use his system and the information he contains for commercial purposes and may monitor all the work done on the site.

     19. If the employees are limited by law (under 18 years of age), the guardian must consent to their use by the doctor and all his applications. Their presence means the consent of the guardian to these terms and conditions.

    20. No electronic payment cards or credit cards shall be used by the user other than in the legal framework.

    21. Any material sent and entered through my doctor that is classified as confidential - other than personal information - my patient is entitled to modify, copy or use it for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

    22. Patients has the right to suspend the system temporarily or permanently partially or completely.

    23. 6abiby: Because Health Matters has the right to prevent users from continuing to use the site without giving reasons.

    24. 6abiby: Because Health Matters does not guarantee the full and safe arrival of what has been done during the application. Where my doctor is no more than an intermediary between the end user and the doctors and laboratories.

    25. Change the information on consultation, radiation and laboratory prices offered for corporate responsibility.

    26 - The user sends the subject to be consulted by the doctor in full when sending the consultation, and the doctor to provide advice of the same subject of advice sent and not to branch to other topics.

    27. The doctor may terminate the consultation at any time as he is competent in this regard.

    28. The user will pay the remaining consultation fee if visiting the clinic.

    29. 6abiby: Because Health Matters can sue the user if the user abuses the doctor during consultation with him through the application.

    30. 6abiby: Because Health Matters may terminate this Agreement and these Terms and Conditions unilaterally at any time.

    31. The user must prove that he is the person to be used during the visit to the clinic by presenting a page describing the doctor's report for consultation.

    32. A medical application can not be used during emergency situations and if used, my doctor is not responsible for the situation and its consequences.

    33 - 6abiby: Because Health Matters undertakes to try to satisfy customers and help them, and if incomplete consultation or lack of access in full will be returned full or part of the amount at the discretion of the site.

    34 - The user can send pictures and audio messages to the doctor, which helps to clarify the medical condition and these images are protected and no one can penetrate them.

    35. The terms and conditions of this website and its applications shall be governed by Kuwaiti law and the Kuwaiti judiciary shall be competent in any disputes arising between the parties.

    36. In the event that any item is deemed to be unlawful or not subject to the provisions of the law or in the event that it can not be implemented for any reason whatsoever. This provision shall be considered as separate from the rest of the terms and conditions and shall not affect its approval.

    37. All the contents of this site and its applications of images, logos, trademarks, content, database, software, images, videos and designs are considered exclusive intellectual property by my physician, my representative and the owner of my employer and are subject to copyright and intellectual property rights in the State of Kuwait.

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